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Chief Executive Officer


Over many years Kelly has developed a successful freelancing career focused on researching and writing proposals and grants for businesses and organizations.   
Kelly has a vast and varied portfolio. Her clientele is based on word-of-mouth testimonials and referrals. Her clients asked her to consult on their business plans and revenue models, so Kelly added new services related to business consultations and funding strategies.

When not working away at her computer, Kelly enjoys spending time with her family, her critters, and traveling. She also enjoys giving back to her community and finding families for homeless pets. 

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Chief Operating Officer


Dave has over 25 years of consulting and technical writing experience. He has been involved in the creation of RFPs, responses to RFPs, and documents related to business operations, procedures manuals, and policies. He also has extensive experience in project management.


When not immersed in his writing and consulting work, Dave is an avid researcher and historian. He is a published author and a Civil War historian.


After living in the Ottawa area for over 20 years, Dave and family recently moved back to the Maritimes where he grew up.

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